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An innovative American company has discovered a simple yet effective solution for keeping toilet seats permanently tight. The makers indicate that you will never need to perform the unpleasant task of re-tightening the toilet seat screws ever again.
Yukon Seat Grip, of Royal Oak Michigan, introduces a new pressure sensitive adhesive toilet seat washer which will prevent possible personal injury and toilet seat/hinge damage. The process takes less than five minutes to complete.
Conventional toilet seats do not generally remain engaged to the porcelain toilet bowl basin because the hole in the toilet basin is usually much larger in diameter than the threaded fastener used to secure the seat to it. The seat is attached to the bowl by a metal or nylon threaded bolt and nut assembly. The hole in the commode is normally much larger than the bolt size which causes a loosening of the bolts over time from constant use. The result is an insecure, wobbly, sloppy toilet seat. When a person raises and lowers the toilet seat and sits down on the toilet, they shift and vibrate the seat against the bowl basin, causing it to loosen.
The Yukon toilet seat washer will prevent bolt slippage and keep it in a secure position so the toilet seat remains permanently secure against the toilet bowl basin. The compressive strength of the washer by the nut and bolt act to secure the seat to the toilet bowl.
The unpleasant, inconvenient, and awkward task of putting your hands underneath the toilet bowl basin and using a clumsy tool to re-tighten the fastener assembly is eliminated.
The Yukon Seat Grip washer is made of a compressible material with a pressure sensitive adhesive facing. The pressure sensitive washer sticks to the bottom of the porcelain toilet bowl basin and keeps the nut in its place. Simply slip the bolt through the washer and thread the nut back onto the bolt. The pressure sensitive adhesive on the surface of the washer acts to hold the nut in position, thereby maintaining a permanent tightness and security of the toilet seat unit. If removal is necessary, simply peel off the rubber washer.

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