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The following illustration describes the three-step Yukon seat grip washer application:

instuctions.jpgStep 1
Remove the nut from the screw and remove the toilet seat.
Step 2
Clean the ceramic surface, remove the backing from the washer and dip it into water to activate the adhesive.
Step 3
Install the washer as illustrated. The adhesive will set when tightened.
* If removal is necessary, simply peel off the rubber washer.

Conventional toilet seats loosen after a period of normal use, causing an uncomfortable and sometimes aggravating problem. Well, worry no more! The Yukon Seat Grip will solve your difficulty with ease!

A traditional seat is fastened with either a metal or nylon threaded bolt and nut. The hole in the commode is generally much larger than the bolt size, so there is a looseness built into the fastener. Since you sit at various angles, over time the bolt becomes unsecured translating into an unsteady and wobbly toilet seat.
Well, this is where Yukon Seat Grip comes to the rescue. With the use of an adhesive washer, Yukon Seat Grip locks the bolt and nut in a secured position and your seat remains fastened against the commode. The compressive strength of the nut and bolt act to fix the seat to the toilet bowl for a secure mounting method designed to prevent 'play' of the seat on top of the commode itself.
With Yukon Seat Grip you can eliminate the unpleasant task of refastening the bolts in an inconvenient location. In less than 5 minutes you can easily secure your toilet seat and never worry again. No more cramped spaces…no more shaky seats…no more rocking...just dependable comfort when you want it the most.